Data: Coptodactyla glabricollis (Hope, 1842) HOLOTYPE

87 / Coptodactyla glabricollis / Female / Holotype

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Canon 5DSR 100mm 1:1.5; 9/36/3000x3000; 90°/60/40/20/0/-20/-40/-60/-90°

Specimen Data

DB ID       87
SPECIMEN       Coptodactyla glabricollis (Hope, 1842) HOLOTYPE
ORDER       Coleoptera
GENUS       Coptodactyla
SPECIES       glabricollis
SEX       Female
TYPE STATUS       Holotype
FAMILY       Scarabaeidae
SUBFAMILY       Scarabaeinae
REPOSITORY       Oxford Museum of Natural History
ACCESSION       COL 453 1/2
NOTES       Reproduced with permission from the Oxford Museum of Natural History
REFERENCE       Hope, 1842 p.424
CONFIGURL       Coptodactyla_glabricollis_Holotype

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