Data: Onthophagus leechi HOLOTYPE

42 / Onthophagus leechi / Male / Holotype

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Canon 5DSR 100mm 1:1; 8/36/3500x3500; 60°/45/30/15/0/-15/-30/-50°

Specimen Data

DB ID       42
SPECIMEN       Onthophagus leechi HOLOTYPE
ORDER       Coleoptera
GENUS       Onthophagus
SPECIES       leechi
SEX       Male
TYPE STATUS       Holotype
FAMILY       Scarabaeidae
SUBFAMILY       Scarabaeinae
REPOSITORY       California Academy of Sciences
NOTES       synonym of Onthophagus posticus; Labels: NZealand Koebele; Koebele Collection; TYPE; Onthophagus leechi n.sp.Typus, G. Frey det., 1959 ♂; California Academy of Sciences Type No. 8055
CONFIGURL       Onthophagus_leechi_HM

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