Data: Demarziella proxima PARATYPE

190 / Demarziella proxima / Male / Paratype

360 VIEW       IMAGE SET
Canon 5DSR 65mm 2x; 6/36/3000x3000; 90°/60/40/20/0/-20*/-90° *=partial row

Specimen Data

DB ID       190
SPECIMEN       Demarziella proxima PARATYPE
ORDER       Coleoptera
GENUS       Demarziella
SPECIES       proxima
SEX       Male
TYPE STATUS       Paratype
FAMILY       Scarabaeidae
SUBFAMILY       Scarabaeinae
NOTES       The photogrammetry was interrupted in the -20° row of imaging, so only a partial row is viewable.
CONFIGURL       Demarziella_proxima_PT

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